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audio 36:42 Karen Dalton- 1966- Karen Is Considered By Many To Be the Finest Folk/Blues Singer To Have Originated From the '60's Solo Songstress Club Scene- Her Fragile Yet Solid Display of Depth Floats Angelically Beyond Age and Time- 14 Reminders of Her Tenderness

Karen Dalton- 1966- Karen Is Considered By...

1. Reason To Believe 2. Katie Cruel 3. Cotton Eyed Joe 4. Green Rocky Road 5. Don’t Make Promises 6. Other Side To This Life 7. God Bless The Child 8. Little Bit Of Rain 9. While You’re On Your Way 10. 2:19 Train 11. Misery Blues 12. Mole In The Ground 13. Shiloh Town 14.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 10/09/2014 04:50 PM

audio 73:27 Lost Soul Treasures- Volume Four-  The Fourth Episode of This Glorious Series - Featuring 27 All Stars of the Once Mighty and Now Almost Lost Soulsville Kingdom- With Bobby Marchan, Don Covay, Dorothy Williams, Gene Chandler and Many More! 80 Minutes

Lost Soul Treasures- Volume Four- The Fou...

1. The Power Of Love- The Ambassadors 2. Popeye Waddle- Don Covay 3. It Won’t Work Out Baby- The Lost Souls 4. For You- The Spellbinders 5. Lonesome Boy- Jackie & The Starlights 6. Close To You- Jimmy Armstrong 7. It’s Not Unusual- The Dells 8. Without You- The Ultimations

Posted by Rich Buckland, 09/28/2014 07:30 PM

audio 86:48 Linda Rondstadt -With The Nelson Riddle Orchestra- Sands Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Nev, July 19, 1984- How Good Was Linda? This 90 Minute Excursion With the Assistance of Nelson Riddle's Enchanting Allurement Testifies Toward  Addressing That Inquiry

Linda Rondstadt -With The Nelson Riddle Or...

I believe that the phrase ‘they don’t make ‘em like that anymore’ might be applicable when thinking about Linda’s career. Her diverse desires have always conjured indelible performances. During this 1984 incarnation she delivers the old school goods as accompanied by Sinatra’s fave, Mr. Riddle. “

Posted by Rich Buckland, 09/21/2014 09:05 PM

audio 34:20 Phil Ochs- Live at Amazingrace, Evanston, IL  - Mar 13, 1974 - The Unheralded Poet King of 'Em All In Concert

Phil Ochs- Live at Amazingrace, Evanston, ...

Phil has been lost in the 60’s shuffle of singer/ songwriter brilliance. Possibly, his political fury alienated the potential for a larger audience. Still, if we just examine the worth of “Changes” and “There But For Fortune” it can be easily stated that Phil has been historically short changed. “PL

Posted by Rich Buckland, 09/12/2014 06:57 PM

audio 64:38 Rolling Stones- "Klein's Revenge" - The Unofficial 1998 CD Release Consisting of Alternate Takes From The Outtakes Album "Metamorphosis" - For Fans of the Obscure, It Doesn't Get Any Better Than Outtakes of Outtakes! - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Rolling Stones- "Klein's Revenge" - The Un...

In 1975, as part of a contract settlement between the Rolling Stones, their former manager Allen Klein, and their former label Decca/London Records, an album of 1960s outtakes called Metamorphosis was released and quickly maligned with the nickname “Klein’s Revenge.”

Posted by Rich Buckland, 09/08/2014 06:31 PM

audio 70:23 Beatles -  "Dig It!" - The Original Condor 1987 CD Release - A Full Fab 4 Serving of Unreleased Rough Mixes, Acetates, Instrumental Tracks and Demos That Will Improve Your Life and Possibly Even Save The Planet!  80 Unearthed Minutes Well Spent- Dig It?

Beatles - "Dig It!" - The Original Condor...

Well. Maybe these tracks can’t produce world peace. But at the very least these 80 Minutes could be provide a Magical Mystery Tour of unheard destinations, navigated by the finest combination of creative marvels Rock and Pop culture have ever revealed.”PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY

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audio 32:51 Jerry Lee Lewis- Billy Lee Riley- Warren Smith- Elvis- "Good Rocking Tonight"- A RichieBoy Record Party!-The Original BopCat LP Released in '77 - Featuring Rare Alternate Rockabilly Takes as Well as The Infamous Jerry Lee Vs. Sam Phillips Studio Encounter

Jerry Lee Lewis- Billy Lee Riley- Warren S...

The blood of all contemporary ‘Rock’ music can be traced to the legacies of many marvels.. Lightning Hopkins was playing ‘Rock and Roll” before such a thing even existed. Presley made black culture acceptable to those thinking South. Jerry Lee invented stage madness. This LP bleeds early gold. “PLE

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video 24:45 "The!!!! Beat"- The Soulful 1966 Television Series Out of Nashville, TN, Hosted By Rhythm and Blues Disc Jockey Bill "Hoss" Allen" - Episode 25 Features Blues Icons Freddie King and Little Milton Plus The Beat Boys and Venience Starks- 26 Minutes

"The!!!! Beat"- The Soulful 1966 Televisio...

The Beat!!!! flourished long enough to film 26 historic chapters. This program was a black and blues voice in the wilderness, giving many their first televised glimpse of Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, Freddie KIng, Garnett Mims, Sam and Dave and others. It’s raw, live power still inspires. Get On Up!

Posted by Rich Buckland, 08/12/2014 07:58 PM