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audio 02:54 Vern Gosdin and Emmylou Harris- "Hanging On"- He Had That George Jones Plea In His Voice and She Engaged Territory Reserved Only For Blessed Serenaders - They Recorded on Two Occasions, Vocalizing Divinely Within the Now Desolate Romantic C&W Tradition

Vern Gosdin and Emmylou Harris- "Hanging O...

This was the sound of AM Country Radio back in 1977. Many of the songs were constructed with tradition parts and the labor was enforced by old school producers utilizing vital voices and relevant refrains we would recall with fond reflection. Modern Country Music was once an admirable art form.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 04/15/2014 05:57 PM

audio 71:58 Arthur Lee- "OnceMoreAgain"- An Authentic Wizard of Imagination and Musical Ingenuity Returned To the Stage For 2 London Performances In 1992 and 1994- The LP "Forever Changes" Resides Comfortably as One of the Finest Symphonious Collections of All Time

Arthur Lee- "OnceMoreAgain"- An Authentic ...

These audience recordings captured on DAT tape seize the reemergence of a fabled artist after a long interval.

Arthur Taylor Lee- March 7, 1945 – August 3, 2006. His magic lives on.

Track 1-12: The T&C2, Highbury, London, May 5, 1992

Track 13-18: The Garage, Highbury, London, June 3, 1994

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audio 63:23 Girls In The Garage - Vol. One - Females With Fender Guitars Flying Over 26 Rare Tracks From the Volcano of 60's Garage Band Eruptions! 1 Hour of The Termites, The Puppets, Lydia Marcelle, The Luv'd Ones, The Beatle-Ettes, The Continental Coeds and More

Girls In The Garage - Vol. One - Females W...

1. Take Me as I Am – Denise & Company 2. Ain’t Gonna Eat out My Heart – The Puppets 3. Bend Me, Shape Me – The Models 4. Hes Not There Anymore – Chymes 5. Hurtin Kind – The Bitter Sweets 6. Those Ever-Lovin Baby Blues – ID & Sleeper 7. Come Back – The Belles 8. Melrin – The Belles

Posted by Rich Buckland, 04/10/2014 03:19 PM

video 25:57 Naked City- "The Canvas Bullet"- Diane Ladd, Anthony Franciosa, Vincent Gardenia and Rocky Graziano Star In This '59 Prizefight Fable From the Naked City Archives - Directed By Stuart Rosenberg of "Cool Hand Luke' and "The Pope of Greenwich Village" Fame

Naked City- "The Canvas Bullet"- Diane Lad...

Prizefight life has been the source of aggressive plays, novels and motion pictures from the origin of these dramatic expressions. In this communication, we meet a battler who has run out of road but still elects to race regardless of the consequences. Through violence , some discover nobility.

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audio 58:19 Mike Bloomfield and Friends- Live-Fillmore West- Feb. 1, 1969- 1 Hr.- On This Evening, Mike and His Band of Blue Soldiers Dished Out a Menu of Fine Blue Mood Melodies Including Book End Versions of the Butterfield Signature Sensation "Born In Chicago"

Mike Bloomfield and Friends- Live-Fillmore...

The Bloomfield legacy is written as an act in 3 parts. 1) The Butterfield connection. 2) The Dylan dynamic. 3) The devoted bluesman pushing hard road and inner sorrow. Epitaph: Mike percolated with the faculties of pure joy and rage as his fingers performed a desperate, fretting dance of blue fire.

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audio 53:32 Sly and The Family Stone - Live At The Fillmore East , Oct 5, 1968 - Sly Stone Funked Up, Rocked Out and Soulfully Satisfied With a Magnetic Frenzy That Romped From 1967-1983- This Set Identifies All of These Sensational Qualities

Sly and The Family Stone - Live At The Fil...

Sly Stone – keyboards, guitar, harmonica, lead vocals/ Freddie Stone – guitar/ Rose Stone – keyboards, vocals/ Larry Graham – bass, vocals/ Gregg Errico – drums/ Cynthia Robinson – trumpet, vocals/ Jerry Martini – saxophone, percussion

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audio 65:10 Mothers of Invention - Fillmore West, Nov, 6, 1970 - An Impeccably Entertaining Zappa Lineup Featuring George Duke, Aynsley Dunbar and Volman and Kaylan of Turtles Fame - Priceless Expertise Illustrated in the Dimensions of Artistry and Satire

Mothers of Invention - Fillmore West, Nov,...

Frank Zappa – guitar, vocals/ George Duke – keyboards/ Ian Underwood – keyboards/ Aynsley Dunbar – drums/ Howard Kaylan – vocals/ Jeff Simmons – bass/ Mark Volman – vocals

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audio 25:14 Etta James - Live At Tramps, NYC, Nov 2, 1993- "I Would Rather Go Blind", "Come To Mama" and "Love and Happiness"- She Was Born Jamesetta Hawkins In 1938 and Helped Build a Bridge Between R&B and R&R- Her Personal Struggles Were Vast But Her Gift Raged On

Etta James - Live At Tramps, NYC, Nov 2, 1...

Etta was the genuine article. You could hear the plea in her tone and see the hurt in her eyes. Beyonce portrayed her onscreen but Jamesetta was more complex than that profile suggested. She faced down inner fiends and heroin in a life painfully depicted in her autobiography, ‘Raging To Survive’.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 03/12/2014 07:07 PM