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video 62:18 The Rolling Stones- "Charlie Is My Darling- Ireland '65"- The Complete Motion Picture! A Renaissance Limited Exclusive!

The Rolling Stones- "Charlie Is My Darling...

In 1965 Andrew Loog Oldham, the Rolling Stones svengali, asked filmmaker Peter Whitehead (The Fall, Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London) to accompany them on a quick tour of Ireland. Whitehead was astonished. The result is a devout Pop Culture Document eclipsed only by “Don’t Look Back”

Posted by Rich Buckland, 11/30/2012 01:44 PM

video 58:46 Eric Burden and The Animals- By Popular Demand!- The Entire Eric and The Animals Documentary 'Finally'. Mr. Burden and Band Detail Their Journey In Interview As Well As Song.

Eric Burden and The Animals- By Popular De...

My contention is simply this: Eric Burden and The Animals were one of the most admired and yet under appreciated bands that the 60’s produced. It’s a very strange dichotomy.This film straightens that thesis out as Eric engages us with tales of musical icons and rare musical footage is revealed.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 11/14/2012 10:04 AM

video 08:58 Rev. Gary Davis- Legendary Guitar Genius- 'Children Of Zion' As Performed on 'Pete Seegers Rainbow Quest' PBS Program- 1966- With Donovan and Shawn Phillips.

Rev. Gary Davis- Legendary Guitar Genius- ...

In 1966 as Shindig and Hullaballoo dominated the TV Networks, Seegers Rainbow Quest educated the folk and blues fans. When I was 12 years of age The Beatles on Ed Sullivan was an event. At 14, I found this performance to be a definitive, full blown revelation that still illuminates a profound magic.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 10/21/2012 02:49 PM

video 13:56 Sidney Poitier- 'The Evolution and Revolution Of An Actor'- Profound Film Footage and Observations From The Documentary 'One Bright Light'.

Sidney Poitier- 'The Evolution and Revolut...

Sidney Poitier is without question one of the finest and ground breaking actors in film history. Here is a definitive glimpse as to why.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 10/18/2012 02:41 PM

video 07:33 Rodney Dangerfield- One Of The Genuine Stand-Up Greats As He Appeared On The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson On Feb.18,1982!

Rodney Dangerfield- One Of The Genuine Sta...

He got no respect. At least that was the line that announced his signature achievment and made him a comic icon and briefly, a movie star. ‘Back To School’ is still one of the most laugh inducing and original film comedies of the last 30 years. Here is Rodney at his best, with The King of Late Night

Posted by Rich Buckland, 09/23/2012 08:03 AM

video 12:11 Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes- 'The Fever' and 'I Don't Want To Go Home'.- Live At The Stone Pony, Asbury Park N.J, 1991

Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes- 'Th...

The last great traveling Rock and Soul band within Pop music made it’s mark through marvelous, devout material and the intense vocal stylings of John Lyons. Here we find the group, featuring Max Weinberg keeping that Big Beat steady, At The Stone Pony in the town that gave us Bruce and other greats.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 08/27/2012 10:17 AM

video 31:52 Paul Revere and The Raiders- The 'Lost' ABC 1967 Special Found In A Network Dumpster!- Featuring Roy Head, Billy Joe Royal and Steve Alaimo.-This Rare Program is Followed By The Complete 'Where The Action Is' Paul Revere Request Show!

Paul Revere and The Raiders- The 'Lost' AB...

The year: 1967. ‘Where The Action Is’ and Rock and Roll had raided the airwaves. The advancement of Paul Revere and The Raiders was of little surprise. They had a comical persona but made great garage records and then some superb pro Columbia efforts.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 08/15/2012 08:27 AM

audio 13:12 Lord Buckley- 'The Bad Rapping Of The Marquis De Sade: The King Of Bad Cats'.- One Of The Most Original Monologists Of The Century! This is The Original Recording As Mixed And Released By Frank Zappa On His Groundbreaking Bizarre Label.

Lord Buckley- 'The Bad Rapping Of The Marq...

He was indeed ‘The Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat’ to ever grace a human tongue. To think that these verbal offerings from the stratosphere were written and recorded in 1958 provides proof of this Cat’s amazing, literate, hipster grace. Richard Myrle Buckley: April 5, 1906 – November 12, 1960.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 07/25/2012 07:09 AM