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audio 46:42 Elvis Presley - "Elvis' Greatest Shit" - It's a Kings Ransom In Bad Pop Music as Good Taste Leaves the Building and 22 Tormenting Tracks Take Anti- Rock Residence- Fun For The Whole Family On This Unofficial Album Release From 1983 On the Dog Vomit Label

Elvis Presley - "Elvis' Greatest Shit" - I...

Side One: 1) Old MacDonald/ 2) Ito Eats/ 3) No Room To Rhumba In a Sports Car/ 4) Confidence/ 5) Yoga Is As Yoga Does/ 6) Song Of The Shrimp/ 7) U.S Male/ 8) Ft. Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce/ 9) Signs of The Zodiac/ 10) The Bullfighter Was A Lady/ 11) Wolf Call * CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE!

Posted by Rich Buckland, 03/10/2015 12:13 PM

audio 67:05 Don Covay- "The Definitive Don Covay" - This Great R&B and Soul Songwriter/ Performer Checked Out of This Motel of Tears On Jan. 31 For Better Accomodations At The Glory Hotel- He Rode Life's See-Saw and Had Mercy- Rest Well Don- 23 Tracks- 70 Minutes

Don Covay- "The Definitive Don Covay" - Th...

1. Bip Bop Bip / 2. Pony Time / 3. See About Me / 4. (Where Are You) Now That I Need You / 5. Mercy Mercy / 6. Take This Hurt Off Me / 7. Daddy Loves Baby / 8. The Usual Place / 9. Please Do Something / 10. A Woman’s Love / 11. See Saw / 12. Sookie Sookie / *Click Blue Title For More

Posted by Rich Buckland, 02/27/2015 01:10 PM

audio 35:28 Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb- "In Session" - Recorded Live In 1983 at the Hamilton, Ontario Studios of CHCH-TV, This Pairing Brought Together One of the Greatest Songwriters and One of The Finest Entertainers of the Past Half Century

Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb- "In Session"...

1) Light Years / 2) If These Walls Could Speak/ 3) Galveston / 4) Where’s The Playground Susie? / 5) MacArthur Park / 6) Wichita Lineman / 7) The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress / 8) Sunshower / 9) Still Within The Sound Of My Voice

Posted by Rich Buckland, 02/24/2015 03:25 PM

audio 40:39 Mink Deville- Live at The Bottom Line, NYC, Jul  2, 1977- The Frightful Passion of Willy Deville as Demonstrated During the Year of the Mink - An Early Year of  Devilleness, Living and Daring Dangerously Upon the Edge of Rock and Rhythm and Blues - 40 Min

Mink Deville- Live at The Bottom Line, NYC...

1 Gunslinger / 2 She’s So Tough / 3 Cadillac Walk / 4 Little Girl / 5 Venus Of Avenue D / 6 Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl / 7 I’m In The Mood For Love / 8 Stand By Me /

Posted by Rich Buckland, 02/18/2015 01:15 PM

audio 32:20 Pearls Before Swine- Live At  Windham College, Putney, VT,  Feb 17, 1973- They Traveled Through Grooves of the Haunting 60's Record Label ESP Disk In the Company of Fugs & Holy Modal Rounders- Songwriter Tom Rapp is an Unsung Talent of That Esoteric Era

Pearls Before Swine- Live At Windham Coll...

1) Prayers of Action / 2) Love and Sex / 3) Stardancer / 4) Fourth of July / 5) Rocketman

Posted by Rich Buckland, 02/15/2015 11:42 AM

audio 65:43 Irma Thomas- Live - "Simply The Best" - The Soul Queen of New Orleans Conducts a Serious Seminar In Female Vocal Intuition During This 1991 Set- The Original Rounder Select Recording- 66 Minutes

Irma Thomas- Live - "Simply The Best" - Th...

1. Breakaway 2. Time Is on My Side 3. Hip Shakin’ Mama 4. That’s What Love Is All About 5. Thinking of You 6. I Needed Somebody 7. Medley: I’ve Been Loving You Too Long/Please Please Please: I’ve Been Loving You Too Long / Please Please Please 8. Hittin’ on Nothin’ 9. It’s Raining 10. Second Line Me

Posted by Rich Buckland, 02/03/2015 09:35 AM

video 04:48 Clark Terry - "A Lost 16mm Reel" - It Can Be Argued That Next To Louis Armstrong, Clark Terry is the Greatest Jazz Trumpet Player of All Time- The New Documentary "Keep On Keepin' On" is Hard Evidence Supporting Such a Conclusion- Dig the Beauty of CT!

Clark Terry - "A Lost 16mm Reel" - It Can ...

Many of you have helped with Clark’s 24-hour home care costs by making tax-deductible donations to the Clark Terry Fund at JFA. Your help is very needed, and is truly appreciated. Donate by mail to Clark’s home in Arkansas:

Clark Terry / 4720 South Beech Street / Pine Bluff, AR 71603”PLEASE CHECK O

Posted by Rich Buckland, 01/29/2015 03:35 PM

audio 29:50 Jackie DeShannon - Live at The Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA, September 3, 1963-  Featuring Ry Cooder and David Cohen

Jackie DeShannon - Live at The Ash Grove, ...

1 Trouble In Mind / 2 Song Introduction / 3 James Alley Blues / 4 Betty And Dupree / 5 Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My Body Down /

6 House Of The Rising Sun / 7 Frankie and Albert / 8 Ry & Dave Introduction / 9 Dink’s Song (Fare Thee Well) / 10 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Outtake)

Posted by Rich Buckland, 01/23/2015 08:46 AM