Jim Morrison's Final Sessions -His Last Studio Poetry Session And Final Studio Jam Featuring Street Musicians of Paris.

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Jim Morrison.was known to think of himself as a poet and not a musician. As a vocalist, his phrasing was unique and tempered with a sense of pained irony that became his trademark. But as we listen to these hidden poetic recitals of 1969, it becomes clear that Jim could not maintain that similar communicative skill in the realm of the written word. I imagine the term pretentious might be suitable for his explored pain, which is only an unkind statement if one demeans his entire body of work. But his lyrical assets were proven valid within the songs he composed with his fellow band members..

The remainder of our offering finds Jim in Paris in 1971 as he performs with street musicians he had come to know. It was his final session.

By Rich Buckland 03/01/2008 04:57 PM

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