Arthur Lee- The Forever Changes Concert- London, 2003- 51 Minutes

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Arthur Lee emerged from prison in December of 2001. He kept his head on straight and formed a brand new Love, of which he was the only original member. His backing band is the extremely Baby Lemonade. In 2003, at The Royal Festival Hall in London , Love with Arthur Lee recorded ‘The Forever Changes Concert’ live, with an eight-piece horn/string section. The talent displayed here, the recording quality, that Arthur Lee voice, the possessed Baby Lemonade, the horns and strings…a note for note perfect,rendition of ‘Forever Changes’ make this performance remarkable. We are fortunate to have this document as Arthur passed 3 short years later. In a world of questionable brilliance, here is a true master conducting his pure masterpiece.

By Rich Buckland 09/15/2010 06:43 PM

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