Raging Bull- The Greatest Motion Picture Trailer Ever Told

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Paul ‘Taxi Driver’ Schrader and Mardik ‘Mean Streets’ Martin contributed the superb (and un-nominated) screenplay that was loosely based on Jake La Motta’s book of the same name – it chronicled the boxer’s own rise and tragic, self-destructive, violent fall. The 1940s boxing champion/bum blindly, obtusely, and stupidly inflicts wounds upon himself (mostly outside the ring in his personal and marital life with sibling rivalry, obsessive and irrational jealousy, and domestic abuse) while he also legally brutalizes opponents in the ring. The protagonist finds that his own meanness, brutishness, lack of humanity, inarticulate rage, and inner demons can best be expressed or exorcised inside the boxing ring.- Filmsite.org.

By Rich Buckland 03/24/2013 12:02 PM

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