Newport Broadside- Topical Songs At The Newport Folk Festival, 1963- Jim Garland, Ed McCurdy, Phil Ochs, Peter LaFarge, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan- The Original Vanguard Vinyl Release- Side Two

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Jim Garland, April 8, 1905 – September 6, 1978, was a songwriter from the coal mining country of eastern Kentucky, where he was involved with the communist-led National Miners Union (NMU) during the violent labor conflicts of the early 1930s called the Harlan County War. Peter Albee La Farge, April 30, 1931 – October 27, 1965, was the son of Pulitzer prize winning author Oliver LaFarge. Peter was a rodeo rider, radio performer, actor, poet, painter and playwright. He was part Pima Indian. Side Two 1) I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister, 2) Harry Simms: Jim Garland- 3 )Where Did You Come From: Ed McCurdy- 4) Medgar Evers, 5) Talkin’ Birmingham Jam: Phil Ochs- 6) Coyote, My Little Brother: Peter LaFarge- 7) With God On Our Side: Dylan and Baez

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