Dick Gregory- 'Learning to Live'- Recorded Live At Southampton College, Southampton, New York, 1969

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I first encountered Mr. Gregory live at Carnegie Hall in ’70. He headlined a promotional program for the new, esoteric Poppy Records label featuring Townes Van Zandt and Mandrake Memorial as the openers. This was the first time I recognized the immense power of dedicated, educated humor in the age of Vietnam and Civil Rights. The comedy of the Youth Movement was snide and Yippie-fied in that Chicago Seven, circus fashion. But here was Gregory with his special delivery, combining a searing message and a hopeful passion. Toward the end of his set a heckler who did not appreciate Dick’s antiwar sentiment screamed ‘Go Home Man. Go Home’. Dick shot back without a pause, ‘This ain’t Bob Hope down here Son’. The crowd roared. Greg is real Hope Man

By Rich Buckland 04/16/2013 04:13 PM

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