Raging Bull- 'LaMotta The Contender'- This Clip Features Jake LaMotta As He Counterpunches DeNiro's Performance In 'Raging Bull'- Jake Will Be 91 In July and He Rages On

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This clip contrasts the two Jakes, LaMotta as himself and Robert DeNiro as The Bull. We get a glimpse of the actual man within as Jake recites a portion of Brando’s famed monologue from ‘On The Waterfront’, echoing DeNiros performance as filmed. If the devil is in the details, this particular devil has now signed up with some forgiving angels. In a town without pity, Jake LaMotta somehow achieved the status of Raging Triumph. I guess we would all wish for such possibility in the face of a madness that devours. The key to everything just might be ‘keep on punching, keep on dancing and don’t forget to duck’. Rage On. Rage On.

By Rich Buckland 04/18/2013 05:22 PM

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