Freddie Scott - 'Are You Lonely For Me Baby' - One Of The Best Soul Splendor Sound Sender's To Ever Hit The Big Town Delivers A Special Package Of R&B As Written and Produced By The Legendary Bert Berns

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There is no questioning the influence Bert Berns has had upon the eternal R&B landscape. Many of his recordings are the late 60’s foundation that cements a craft studied by Bruno Mars and the countless who came before him. I would think that writing a song such as ‘Are You Lonely For Me’ alone would guarantee a place in that Rhythmic blue heaven known as good fortune and a little fame. Think again. Freddie Scott vocally expanded this territory like an explorer attempting to inform of the new soul world. His phrasing is dynamic yet elegant with a spine that stands above the others. I for one am lonely for vital and vibrant recordings such as this masterpiece.

By Rich Buckland 04/22/2013 03:53 PM

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