Phil Ochs- 'Barricades of Cattle' and 'Sea of Heartbreak' - From One Of Phils Final, Live Concerts - A Rare Reel To Reel Tape Recording, July 1975, Gerdes Folk City, New York City

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On Apr. 9, 1976, Phil took his own life at his Sisters home in Queens, NY. He had been ill for some time with a bi polar disorder, alcoholic wanderings and dark paranoia. A sojourn to Africa left him mugged with damaged vocal chords. A song he wrote and recorded from that period, ‘Bwatue’, places him in the thick of a musical awareness. Phil did a lot of things first. He was the only cat out there giving Zimmerman a prolific run for his money and Bob knew it. The album ‘Pleasures of The Harbor’ with its rich, Lincoln Mayorga piano texture and full symphony frame had never been attempted with a ‘Folk Singer’. The protest he startled with and the crest of his humanity are the lyric and melody of caring and daring Gods.

By Rich Buckland 04/28/2013 12:10 PM

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