George Jones - With Elvis Costello - "Stranger In The House" - From The 1979 LP "George Jones and Very Special Guests" - A Duet That Broke New Ground In The Delicate Soil of Pop Goes The Country

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Duet album affairs have become fairly common place. But In 1979 there was an album release that placed newer kids on the Country Block with the obvious master, George Jones. An LP titled George Jones with Very Special Guests was released and featured duets with The Staple Singers, Emmy Lou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Waylon Jennings among others. The track that created the most attention was written by the increasingly brilliant Elvis Costello and titled ‘Stranger in the House’. The tune contained the testimony of a man living in nether worlds of a home life and seemed to reflect something mysterious within Jones himself. For so long he had been known and yet a stranger to so many. With this recording George Jones came home to us all.

By Rich Buckland 04/30/2013 05:41 PM

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