The GTO's - "Circular Circulation" – The 1969 Frank Zappa Produced Ode Performed By Laurel Canyon's Groupie Enigma, Girls Together Outrageously – From The LP "Permanent Damage", A Highly Desired Collectors Treat From The 60's Cultural Encounters

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I first came upon this seductively eccentric track (aka ‘Do Me in Once and I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I’ll Know Better’) in ’69 as part of a Bizarre Records Promo LP titled ‘Zapped featuring label owner Frank Zappa. Other alternative contributors featured were Captain Beefheart, Lord Buckley, Jeff Simmons, Alice Cooper, Tim Buckley, Judy Henske, Jerry Yester, Wild Man Fisher and Tim Dawe. The GTO’s, Miss Pamela (Pamela Ann Miller, later Pamela Des Barres), Miss Sparky (Linda Sue Parker), Miss Lucy (Lucy Offerall), Miss Christine (Christine Frka), Miss Sandra (Sandra Lynn Rowe), Miss Mercy (Mercy Fontenot) and Miss Cynderella (Cynthia Wells) converged while hanging around LA’s Sunset Strip within the late 60’s Rock Club spectacle.

By Rich Buckland 05/23/2013 11:59 AM

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