Bob Dylan – “I Believe In You” – Fox Theater, San Francisco, 1979 - The Gospel According To Zimmerman and Translated By Fans Everywhere For the Past 34 Years – From the 2 CD Unauthorized Release “Contract with the Lord”

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‘Upon converting to Christianity, Bob Dylan released the much-maligned Slow Train Coming, an album celebrating his newfound faith via nine devoutly spiritual compositions inspired by traditional gospel, folk, and blues. So zealous was Dylan’s evangelical passion that during the two-week residency at San Francisco’s Fox Warfield Theater that followed the LP’s release, he eschewed his classic hits to focus solely on this new material; despite a slow, erratic start, the Fox Warfield shows eventually hit their stride, finally communicating the soul-deep force of Dylan’s Christian convictions in ways Slow Train Coming and its follow-up, Saved, did not.’


By Rich Buckland 06/12/2013 05:09 PM

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