Elia Kazan – “An Outsider” – The Story of a Film Director Whose Body of Work Issues an Ultimate Statement of Craft and Conscience – He Harnessed the Magical Powers of Impassioned Actors, Screenwriting, Brando and the New Cinematic Potential –

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‘It started 52 years ago when the House Un-American Activities Committee began hearings into whether Communists had infiltrated the movie industry. Three hundred people in the movie industry were blacklisted and could no longer work in Hollywood. While many denounced the hearings as a witch-hunt and refused to cooperate, Kazan, a former Communist, testified and named eight others he said were also Communists. These days Kazan won’t talk to the press, but in 1988 he said he testified because he changed his mind and he thought he was doing his patriotic duty.’ – NBC News, 1999

By Rich Buckland 07/30/2013 03:12 AM

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