Iris Dement - "No Time to Cry" - The Exquisite Simplicity of Faithful Storytelling, Imparted Through One of the Great American Voices In Country, Folk or Any Musical Genre - From the 1993 Release, "My Life"

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‘Since she first stepped into a studio in 1992, Iris Dement has contributed one of the most unique voices (both as a writer and a singer) in Americana music. Her mother’s influence made a lasting imprint on a voice that ranks with many of the legendary women of country music. She doesn’t belong with Emmylou Harris as much as she does with Kitty Wells. It’s a voice that other, younger Americana artists, try to capture and emulate. But, like past generations of country and blues singers, her voice comes from her being. It is who she is.’


By Rich Buckland 08/14/2013 02:38 PM

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