Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - The Unseen 1977 Westchester 'Goodfellas' Theater TV Special-Part One-Two Kings of Cool Dealing a Loaded Gun of Fun- So Good, It's Criminal! Our Very Special Thanks To The Late Greg Garrison - Feb. 20, '24 – Mar. 25, '05

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The Westchester Premier Theatre in Tarrytown, N.Y., began as a scheme by Gregory De Palma and Richard Fusco, members of the Gambino family. First there was an inflated stock scam, where stock was sold to “big names” such as Alan King, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme for pennies on the dollar. The stock never drew much interest and there were several phony purchases and corporate purchases with kickbacks to executives. As a result the stock dropped to around $1 per share. The theater was built, with huge construction cost overruns, on a landfill owned by De Palma and Fusco in 1974. De Palma and Fusco, needing more money to keep their scheme afloat, convinced Carlo Gambino to invest $100,000.

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