Dave Van Ronk - Live at Windham College, Putney Vermont, December 2, 1972 - With the Release of the Film "Inside Llewyn Davis", Many Are Giving Van Ronk a Second Listen and Many More are Discovering His Craft For the First Time- An Adept Folk Ace at Work

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Back in the early ’60s, when every musician I knew, including me, was trying to learn guitar so we could play folk songs like Bob Dylan or blues like Lightnin’ Hopkins, one of the guys we all copied was Dave Van Ronk, the bearded finger-picker with the brawny, salt’n’pepper voice whose life story has now inspired the Coen Brothers’ poignant new film about the early-’60s Greenwich Village folk scene, “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

- Paul de Barros

By Rich Buckland 12/17/2013 11:28 AM

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