Sammy Walker -"Song For Patty"-Folkways,1975-He Sounded Like Zimmerman and Wrote Like a Prodigal Poet at a Time When New Folk Heroes Were Desired-He Never Reached Starville But His Statements, Including This Patti Hearst Piece, Suggest Enigmatic Expertise

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“Phil Ochs discovered singer-songwriter Sammy Walker in 1975. Walker recorded two superb albums for Warner Bros. in the ‘70s, Sammy Walker and Blue Ridge Mountain Skyline. He also recorded two albums for Folkways: one of original political songs and another of Woody Guthrie songs. Sammy became somewhat of a recluse for years and did not record another album until 1990, when Brambus released a live recording. Old Time Southern Dream is the follow up studio release of 12 songs. It features Sammy on acoustic guitar and banjo, with others providing piano, bass and drums. The songs are an excellent mixture of originals, songs by other writers and a traditional song (Lonesome Valley).” - Singout

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