Bill Mesnik-"Credits Roll" -Expert Actor, Musician and Playwright Bill 'Mez' Mesnik Conducts a Striking Chant Dedicated To the Memory of the Vanquished Stage and Screen Wizard Known as Phillip Seymour Hoffman - A Mighty Mez Compostion in the Key of Real

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Bill took the RPM song challange! Ten songs in one month. Check it out at billmesnik.com.

“Credits Roll”- Bill Mesnik ‘Smash cut – dissolve – fade to black, A montage of death scenes, laying on your back, Babies all are crying for their daddy in the street, as we smash cut to flashback: finis. You’re the star, baby, Ain’t no problem we cant fix, The script doctor recommends, re-shoot Page Six, In post it will be pretty, and you get the final cut, Dissolve, dissolve, dissolve, Smash cut. Synecdoche, Synecdoche, playing on the screen, A montage of images, designed to make you scream, cutting time in fragments, losing all control, Dissolve, dissolve, dissolve. Credits Roll.

By Rich Buckland 03/05/2014 11:11 AM

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