Country Joe and The Fish - "Acid Sounds" - The 'Psychedelic' Rhyme and Radical Reasoning of an Influential Syndicate of 60's Musical Insurgents - Live U.S Performances From '68 and '69

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Manager Ed Denson in 1968: ‘From talking to some of the bands who have formed recently, I get the impression that they saw everyone else making music and decided that it looked like a good way to live. There seem to be few doubts. By contrast, Country Joe and the Fish were an accident. Late in 1965, the community of activists, hippies, drop-outs and artists, which is affectionately called the Underground, its time come at last, was throbbing with excitement. A year of increasingly successful demonstrations, marches, petitions and sit-ins had shown us that it was possible to do something to express ourselves. The nucleus of Country Joe and the Fish was going through changes with supersonic evolution.’ - www.well.com/~cjfish

By Rich Buckland 05/14/2014 07:03 PM

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