Clark Terry - "A Lost 16mm Reel" - It Can Be Argued That Next To Louis Armstrong, Clark Terry is the Greatest Jazz Trumpet Player of All Time- The New Documentary "Keep On Keepin' On" is Hard Evidence Supporting Such a Conclusion- Dig the Beauty of CT!

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“Mr. Terry, who celebrates his 91st and 92nd birthdays in the course of the film, is an artist whose rigor is matched by enthusiasm and generosity. Described by one admirer as possessing “the happiest sound in jazz,” he is shown in archival clips unleashing cascades of bright, clear notes with startling verve and velocity. Dizzy Gillespie thought Mr. Terry was the best trumpeter around, and his influence extended through jazz’s heroic midcentury decades and into the present. Born in St. Louis in 1920, he started out in Count Basie’s band, which he fondly recalls as his “prep school for the University of Ellingtonia,” a reference to the Duke Ellington Orchestra, where he was a mainstay through the 1950s.” -New York Times

By Rich Buckland 01/29/2015 03:35 PM

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