"Dig This!!!- Al Jolson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackie Wilson, Dion" - NEW Episode- Splendid Bohemians Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Explore the Heart and Soulfulness of the Legendary Jolson and Those Influenced By Him- A Pop Culture Buffet of Musical Majesty!

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By Rich Buckland 07/25/2017 05:02 PM

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  1. daryl thomas wrote on 10/14/2017 03:03 AM

    Dear Mr Bill Mesnick and Rich Buckland I personally would like to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart (as the great man himself probably would have put it?) for your podcast dedication to Al Jolson and his influence on rock and roll and popular culture in general! It was so very balanced putting everything into it's proper context expressing completely the obviousness of his ongoing impact on so many varying genres of performance and performers. This has also been attempted online and elsewhere referring to his impact on others connected more to other music and entertainment genre other than rock and roll such as Shirley Bassey, Judy Garland, Bette Midler, Eddie Fisher, Dean Martin, Jerry Vale, Bing Crosby, you could go on and on! Also in rock Connie Francis, Little Richard, The Everly's, Freddie Cannon, Bobby Vee, Rick Nelson etc, etc, also recorded Jolson songs, or were influenced in some way. More recent even the likes of Rod Stewart, George Michael and Bob Dylan, Jolson had an early influence on them, oh and yes Tom Jones! If you look at the Jolson moves in the old movies you can see a connection to Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson (including the glove, short pants), Elvis and others. I try and mix and match artists that have been Jolson influenced with him (audio and visual). Oh Bobby Vee and Bobby Rydell there's another two! There's all sorts of content on you tube etc etc! Naturally myself and my wife, Margaret are big rock and roll fans growing up in the 1950's and 1960's and look forward to more of your great efforts! Jolson has been there since seems forever influenced by of course his bio movies, and the later recordings on 78rpm - then into the earlier material, his movies, radio recordings etc, which are variable in all sorts of ways but overall still one way or the other unique and in fact a journey in entertainment! He probably really was the Christopher Columbus or Moses in fact of show business! As noted literally from birth I was captured by that voice, the feeling, the passion etc, as you note, then in my school years I'm also influenced by Presley, Domino, Berry, Lewis, Francis, Everlys etc, later Beatles and others. Al is not forgotten, but more for parties with the relatives sing-alongs etc. Then when I can afford my first record player I purchased a Jolson LP with Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (duet with Andrew Sisters) the energy, the excitement, the verve, as also a lover of rock and roll well that became a sort of second Jolson boost for me! That has never stopped. I am of course a member of the International Al Jolson Society the various face book sites, and involved with one based here in Australia Jolson and show biz. Re Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, recently discovered was a solo version on Decca, plus all sorts of alternate record takes etc, from his bio movies and others, and Decca, yes many familiar songs but Jolie always does things different i.e. My Mother's Rosary 1950 both very moving, soulful in fact but the alternate more so! The International Society should be able supply you with these and literally anything Jolson, but if you have any trouble we will see what we can do? Please contact us if you need any other contacts re Jolson, or possibly material and we will try our best. There is naturally heaps and heaps online and elsewhere which 67 years after one's passing and some 50 odd years since he first walked onto a stage is pretty amazing to say the least! Yes the passage of time blackface etc, can be a problem, many view the whole thing about Jolson from any point of time but his, and much too often based on the protection or fear of it effecting their contemporary image! You have gone a long way in changing that, hopefully there will be more - Jolson and his times won't come back but they can still be put into a much more general appreciative perspective for today or any time! In closing would you know if Casey Casen's tribute to the One Hit Wonders and The Greatest Stars Of The Rock And Roll Era, and The Evolution Of Rock And Roll narrated by Chuck Riley exist and are available? I taped these on reel to reel in the 1970's (or parts there of) from local radio here and ever since have tried to obtain more complete better copies, perhaps you could help? Best with everything fellas thanks again, loved to here some response at your convenience sincerely Daryl and Margaret Thomas from Australia!

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