Bill Mesnik- "Pride Of Man" - My Partner, Bill "The Mighty Mez" Mesnik, Offers His Chilling Rendition Of This Hamilton Camp Beauty As Made Famous By Quicksilver Messenger Service- HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!

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Pride of Man was written by Hamilton Camp in 1964. The version I remembered was the Quicksilver Messenger Service reworking from 1968. Last year, I retrieved an old QMS 8 track tape from a frozen storage locker near Port Angeles, Washington, where it had lain undisturbed for a few decades. After defrosting and cleaning the artifact, I popped it into the player. I was so caught by its urgent, contemporaneous sentiment that I had to learn it. It’s sad that, 50 years on, this jeremiad is more relevant than ever. But, as we know, the cycles of existence keep turning, ... So- here’s to a more peaceful future: Happy New Year!

By Rich Buckland 12/31/2018 01:20 PM

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