Van Morrison's Sacred Walk Down Ragland Road - Rich Buckland's Epiphany Notebook

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VAN MORRISON’S SACRED WALK DOWN RAGLAN ROAD - Poet, scholar and historian of The Irish Theater, Peter Kavanagh, was born in the Parish of Inniskeen, Ireland on March 19, 1916. On October 3, 1946, his composition “Dark Haired Miriam Ran Away” was published in The Irish Press. It was later put to music by Luke Kelly of the legendary Dubliners, utilizing the traditional Irish tune “Dawning Of The Day”. We recognize this majestic hymn today as “Raglan Road”. It has since been recorded by by Mark Knopfler, Ed Sheeran, The Dubliners, SinĂ©ad O’Connor, Billy Bragg and Roger Daltrey among others. But in my estimation, this work reached a plateau reserved only for holy recitation when Van Morrison and The Chieftains etched the song into the stone of celestial human culture on the 1988 album “Irish Heartbeat”. Mr. Morrison has acheived what few in popular perception earn. His eternal Rock and Soul prayer “Gloria” must be inserted into the top 10 of all 1960’s hypnotic, melodic content, with “Brown Eyed Girl” not very far behind. “Astral Weeks” is as original and sacred as any James Joyce tome. It represents an emancipation of mesmerizing verse, forgotton jazz spirits and Belfast brewed religious deliverance. “Moondance” is the evolution Blue Eyed Soul and Jazz had awaited, having created a marriage between the secret, longing language of Pop song craft and the mystical, musical Caravan required to deliver such a bounty. His entire history is baked in the solemn searching only true spiritual explorers can brave and endure. It is written in each note he engages and forces me to conclude that God is possible and that weeping from the stunning force of poetic adventure can be our salvation and purifier. “Irish Heartbeat” defines the tormented treasure of his being. And it is here that we are reminded of the gift baptized “Raglan Road”. It is a pathway anyone who has dared to love, cherish or honor has traveled. Van’s vocal translation of this musical monument fosters an eternal message of the beauty yearning provokes. Thank you Peter. Thank you Belfast, And Thank you Van Morrison for the articulate vocal blessing that is “Raglan Road”. - Rich Buckland KINDLY VISIT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA eBAY STORE FOR CD AND LP RARITIES

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