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There are 8 Million fables in the Doo-Wop City. This is one of them.

One upon a rhyme in a real gone far away land known as Doo-Wopsville lived a fair chick known to most of the cooler cats as Rama Lama Ding Dong. This chick was the most! I mean she was the bees knees with her own wheels and a boss pad. Rama would always make the scene but was no back seat bingo player or square. I mean this kitten was kookie but no goof. On a fine evening in 1957 she met a cat named Edsel at a Madison Line Dance Party in a hot haven they called The Bronx. Edsel was lookin’ for some kicks but Rama wasn’t into that jive. She said, “Let me clue you in Daddy O. Don’t flip your wig, dreamboat. I don’t play that greaser scene if you know what I mean. I’m real hep, Man, so if you wanna give me a bell and form a big boss line – here’s my digits.” Edsel was enchanted. So enchanted in fact that he went home that night and overwhelmed by the heat, beat and rhythm she placed inside his dome, wrote her a little ditty. Edsel then got some real gone cats together to help him sing this far out tune. The following week he showed up again at The Madison Line Dance Party but this time was Ready Ready Teddy to Rock and Roll! When Rama entered the High School gym, these cats started proudly boppin’ their jive in a jiffy, sailing deep into a sea of love. The legend of The Edsels and Rama Lama Ding Dong was born.

Today, Rama and Edsel live in Wall Township, New Jersey with their five kids, Shama, Bomp, Jet, Shark and Venus. They just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary as a reunited Vito and The Salutations serenaded them with “Unchained Melody” in the same Bronx building where their rockin’ romance began. Naturally, the whole room went ape. Clearly, some dreams are destined to reside in Foreversville.

In truth, The Edsels were originally The Essos, after the oil company, but they replaced their handle to match a newly crowned but short lived Ford automobile. “Rama Rama Ding Dong” was written by lead singer George Jones Jr., no relation to the greatest Country voice to ever address a note. Although the song was recorded in 1957, it did not gain any momentum until 1961 when it was re released on the Tune label, helping them gain a Capitol Records contract. The song is a wonderful piece of joyous playfulness from a marvelous era that produced some extraordinary recordings.

The Edsels were: George “Wydell” Jones Jr. – lead vocals (died September 27, 2008) Larry Green – first tenor James Reynolds – second tenor Harry Green – baritone Marshall Sewell – bass (born August 29, 1937, Montgomery, Alabama, died June 5, 2013

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