Bill Mesnik - "MESMERIZED" - Bill Mesnik's “Summer Journey” - A Story Told In 10 Songs - A "DIG THIS" SPECIAL SERIES - Chapter Four - “I DREAMED I HAD A TERRIER”

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In his dreams the bereft man is visited by the spirit of his departed pet, who’s disappearance was never solved.

From the book of symbols:

Dogs never desert their masters, apt cause for them to be regarded in diverse mythologies and religions as accompanying their masters even unto death and as guides in the afterlife.

In nearly every world mythology, our constant companion the dog has come to be associated with our other constant companion, death…The leash we hold on the dog links us to the energies of life and death. How we manipulate the leash says everything about how we are going to experience the ambivalent nature of the dog’s death realm. The dog is keenly sensitive to its master’s love or abuse.


By Rich Buckland 06/23/2020 05:45 PM

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