Bill Mesnik - "MESMERIZED" - Bill Mesnik's “Summer Journey” - A Story Told In 10 Songs - A "DIG THIS" SPECIAL SERIES - Chapter Five- “Motherlove"”

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“Motherlove” is the uncontested alpha of the North Hollywood encampment; They are an inspirational motivator who sees every person as valuable, and this shared vision helps lift the entire camp.

The Man is immediately smitten by Motherlove’s charisma, and falls under their spell.

The HUD brochure asks: Why do some people choose encampments over the shelter system? One reason: a desire for Autonomy and Privacy.

In contrast, Motherlove leads beneficently, and the residents follow gladly. People can go and come as they please; they are independent. But, they willingly submit for the good of the group because they know whatever benefits the group, profits each individual.

By Rich Buckland 07/02/2020 01:04 PM

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