Bill Mesnik - "MESMERIZED" - Bill Mesnik's “Summer Journey” - A Story Told In 10 Songs - A "DIG THIS" SPECIAL SERIES - Chapter Six- “Universal Park"

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The man decides to try his hand at panhandling, which doesn’t go well, except that out of this failure he experiences a self-realization, and an inkling of his identity.

7 Sales Strategy Secrets from an Expert Panhandler (from Google) •Satisfy a compelling customer need. This is most important—for panhandlers or any business. ... •Project the right image. ... •Choose a tax-favored business. ... •Location, location, location. ... •Communicate a simple message. ... •Keep overhead low. ... •When you find something effective, keep doing it

By Rich Buckland 07/09/2020 07:43 PM

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