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"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - Featuring Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland - NEW SERIES!- "PUT ON A STACK OF 45's"- Chapter Three- Barry and The Tamerlanes -"I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight"- The Boys Devote Each Episode To A Famed 45 RPM "Single"

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Barry and The Tamerlanes - "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" - Barry De Vorzon and the Boys Went To Bat On Many Occasions But This Was Their Only Home Run As a Group - A Memorable Feel Captured Within a 2 Minute Longing From 1963

This group formed in California in ‘63 and consisted of Barry, Terry Smith and Bodie Chandler.There is a certain temperament living in this composition that haunts. When the sound they were known for vacated the radio dial, Barry moved on. In 1976 he co-wrote The Eagles hit “In The City”.

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