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"Dig This"- Episode Eight - Bert Berns- Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of R&B Legend Bertrand Russell Berns! -

Posted 02/18/2016 12:05 PM

Roy Hamilton - "You Can Count On Me" - A Towering Songster Who Ascended The Soulful Stairway of Heavenly Resonance - Another Strong Production Quarterbacked By Bang Records Legend Bert Russell Berns In 1962

Here’s a serenader whose sound statement was delivered through a lighthouse of sparkling purity, streaming toward a shore of Soul salvation. Roy was the cat the 60’s incarnation of Elvis wished to sound like. Roy was comfortable issuing Soul, Pop, Rock and sacred tonality. Long Live Roy Hamilton.

Posted 06/10/2013 07:23 PM

Bert Berns - National Public Radio Program - The Vital and Vibrant Contributions of This Enigmatic Writer, Producer and Record Label Chief Are Explored In This Enlightening N P R Broadcast

The ghost of Bert Russell Berns will always wander through our personal streets of heartache, lovers lanes of loss and grief and the joyous paths that humans elect when they just wanna dance. He practiced the complete essence of musical deliverance.This is an overview of his sacred, soulful saga.

Posted 05/10/2013 02:07 PM

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Freddie Scott - 'Are You Lonely For Me Baby' - One Of The Best Soul Splendor Sound Sender's To Ever Hit The Big Town Delivers A Special Package Of R&B As Written and Produced By The Legendary Bert Berns

Freddie has been a cult fave since 1963 when his stunning vocal on the Gerry Goffin/ Carole King penned ‘Hey Girl’ hit the AM wavelengths. Soon thereafter, the legendary writer and producer Bert Berns invested his craft with Mr. Scott’s creating this marvelous time tested production.

Posted 04/22/2013 03:53 PM