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George Jones- Live at The Bottom Line, New York City- June 6, 1981- George Jones Walked and Sang the Line Between Joyous, Soulful Delerium and the Unbearable Weight That Human Angusih Can Deliver- Featuring Guests Linda Rondstadt and Johnny Paycheck

1 Ragged But Right 2 The Race Is On 3 Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms 4 Bartender’s Blues 5 Grand Tour 6 Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong 7 You Better Treat Your Man Right 8 White Lightning 9 Once You’ve Had the Best AND MORE!

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George Jones - The Bartender Blues Blues of One of The Most Remarkable Voices To Ever Address An Emotion - The James Taylor Composition As Sung By George With Insightful Narrative - Plus! Music Legend Billy Sherrill - From The Film "The Same 'Ole Me"

This segment begins to define the George Jones surge into Pop culture lore. His saga spoke that of a ‘rock ‘N roll lifestyle’ run amuck but without the ego chaser. Jones ran from an industrial star spectrum he felt destined to suffocate his gift. In doing so, he denied his very existence.

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George Jones - With Elvis Costello - "Stranger In The House" - From The 1979 LP "George Jones and Very Special Guests" - A Duet That Broke New Ground In The Delicate Soil of Pop Goes The Country

Something was happening to George Jones in the late 1970’s. He was still struggling to maintain consistent centers of sobriety but he was gaining a devoted following among artist’s such as Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra and Linda Ronstadt. Pop music was discovering George Jones.

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George Jones - 'It Ain't Gonna Worry My Mind'. From The 1996 Album 'I Lived To Tell It All'. He was and shall always be the greatest singer of Country Blues that ever lived. As simply an American vocalist, there have been very few any better.

George Jones was one of my most significant musical influences within a craft I desired to practice. The messages began filtering in from Jackie Wilson at 7 years of age, Al Jolson at 8, Ray Charles & Sinatra at 9, Rev. Gary Davis at 12, Zimmerman at 13, Phil Ochs at 14. Then along came Jones tones

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Hank Williams Tribute- Some Zany Clips From The Infamous Musical "Country On Broadway"!

What is left to say about “Luke The Drifter” himself, Hank Williams? Well, this tribute contains a few tidbits you will not find elsewhere.and may very well answer that question. Get a load of a teenage Hank Jr., a very dramatic Audrey Williams and the legendary Hank Snow. A forgotton joy. 10 min.

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