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Iris Dement- Live At Tramps, New York City- Nov 7, 1996 - An Hour and Forty Five Minutes of Remarkable Joy, Sweet Sorrow and Enlightenment

1) The Way I Should 2) Infamous Angel 3)These Hills 4) I’ll Take My Sorrow Straight 5) This Kind Of Happy 6) Keep Me God 7) No Time To Cry 8 )Big City 9) Let The Mystery Be 10) Easy’s Getting Harder Every Day 11) Mama’s Opry AND MORE!

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Iris Dement - "No Time to Cry" - The Exquisite Simplicity of Faithful Storytelling, Imparted Through One of the Great American Voices In Country, Folk or Any Musical Genre - From the 1993 Release, "My Life"

It is reasonable to suggest that the honest sharing of fortunes good, bad or just plain difficult presents the genuine measure of loveliness in a world requiring empathy, affection and a concept of individual peace. It is the seductively truthful sharing of Iris Dement that renders her so sublime.

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