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"A DIG THIS SPECIAL ATTRACTION" - "All Going Down Together" - Songs For Our Times (And Some Just Timeless) - A Soul, Folk, Blues and Rock Fest With James Brown, Irma Thomas, Van Morrison, Bobby Stevens, Phil Ochs, Death Cab For Cutie, P.F Sloan & More

1) All Going Down Together – Bobby Stevens 2) Down We Go- Kaleo 3) Mr. Nasty – The Remars 4) They Watered My Whiskey Down – Phil Burdett 5) Oh Baby Don’t You Weep – Part One – James Brown – CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL TRACK LIST

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Irma Thomas- Live - "Simply The Best" - The Soul Queen of New Orleans Conducts a Serious Seminar In Female Vocal Intuition During This 1991 Set- The Original Rounder Select Recording- 66 Minutes

1. Breakaway 2. Time Is on My Side 3. Hip Shakin’ Mama 4. That’s What Love Is All About 5. Thinking of You 6. I Needed Somebody 7. Medley: I’ve Been Loving You Too Long/Please Please Please: I’ve Been Loving You Too Long / Please Please Please 8. Hittin’ on Nothin’ 9. It’s Raining 10. Second Line Me

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