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Joan Baez - Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, Jul 26, 1968 - An Eternal Voice For All Seasons and So Many Reasons - Featuring Mimi Farina On "Legend In My Time" and the Exquisite Tuli Kupferberg Hymn "Morning, Morning" - A Beautiful 40 Minutes

1) Introduction/ 2) Carry It On / 3) Gentle On My Mind / 4) Song Introduction / 5) Maria Dolores / 6) Prison Story / Song Introduction / 7) Swing Low Sweet Chariot / 8) Song Introduction / 9) Legend In My Time / 10) Morning, Morning / 11) Suzanne / 12) We Want Our Freedom Now

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Joan Baez -"Rexroth's Daughter" - The Devastating Greg Brown Composition As Observed, Enforced and Transported By The Genuine First Lady of Enduring American and Global Dreams, Joan Baez - 2003

Joan has survived the destitution that can arrive when one refuses to speak falsely during hours of import. Her political skin is as clear as her sense of a human condition that comprehends a thin line of sorrow and wonder. This remarkable piece is sung with that harsh wisdom and the ache it creates

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Newport Broadside- Topical Songs At The Newport Folk Festival, 1963- Jim Garland, Ed McCurdy, Phil Ochs, Peter LaFarge, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan- The Original Vanguard Vinyl Release- Side Two

The Topical Song took on a whole new meaning once Dylan got through with it. He elevated the game to a new zone of abstract splendor. And then along came Ochs who combined the skill of a journalist with the tongue of a poet, LaFarge who invoked Native American heart and Baez who seduced the day.

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The Newport Folk Festival- 1963-1966- Part Two Featuring Donavon, Judy Collins, Dylan, Pete Seeger, Howlin Wolf, Johnny Cash, Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Peter, Paul and Mary Plus Many Other Folk and Blues Legends!

We are pleased to present the second installment of “Festival”, the Murray Lerner film which captures magnificent footage from the King of all festivals, Newport. This compilation defines a history of influencial legends the likes of which we shall never see nor hear again. 58 Minutes.

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Newport Folk Festival- 1963-1966-Part One: Featuring Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Howlin' Wolf, Judy Collins, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Mississippi John Hurt, Johnny Cash, Pete Seeger, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Others!

Before Monterey Pop and way before Woodstock was the Newport Folk Festival which featured the most luminous folk, blues, country and bluegrass artists in the United States. The four years covered in this wonderful film feature the heart and soul of these events through rare performances. 38 Minutes

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