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George Jones- Live at The Bottom Line, New York City- June 6, 1981- George Jones Walked and Sang the Line Between Joyous, Soulful Delirium and the Unbearable Weight That Human Anguish Can Deliver- Featuring Guests Linda Rondstadt and Johnny Paycheck

1 Ragged But Right 2 The Race Is On 3 Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms 4 Bartender’s Blues 5 Grand Tour 6 Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong 7 You Better Treat Your Man Right 8 White Lightning 9 Once You’ve Had the Best AND MORE!

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Linda Rondstadt -With The Nelson Riddle Orchestra- Sands Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Nev, July 19, 1984- How Good Was Linda? This 90 Minute Excursion With the Assistance of Nelson Riddle's Enchanting Allurement Testifies Toward Addressing That Inquiry

I believe that the phrase ‘they don’t make ‘em like that anymore’ might be applicable when thinking about Linda’s career. Her diverse desires have always conjured indelible performances. During this 1984 incarnation she delivers the old school goods as accompanied by Sinatra’s fave, Mr. Riddle. “

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Linda Rondstadt and Ann Savoy -"Walk Away Renee" - The Ronstadt/Savoy Reading of an Emotionally Revolutionary Composition, Authored By 16 Year Old Michael Brown of The Left Banke In 1965 - From the 2006 Vanguard LP "Adieu False Heart"

As advocates of this site have come to recognize, I can impart an impassioned enthusiasm in relation to certain creations.”Walk Away Renee” is one of those imaginings. It captures love pleading on it’s hind legs, grandly gesturing for all the forsaken to overhear. Wow. I think I just scared myself.

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