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"Ali Rap" - The 2006 ESPN Fun Filled Film Hypothesis Suggesting That Muhammad Ali Invented the Art of Rap - Featuring Sidney Poitier, Chuck D, James Earl Jones, Diane Sawyer, Al Sharpton, Adam Corolla, Ludacris and Bill Maher - An Enriching Ali Experience

Whether Ali invented rap or not is of little significance. It’s still fun to play with such a premise. What Ali did discover was a modern age philosophy addressing race, religion, bigotry, sport, war & the social consequences of investing in pure belief. His message is global, his courage massive.

Posted 11/17/2013 01:31 PM

"Soul Power"- Part Two- Featuring James Brown, Muhammad Ali, The Crusaders, Celia Cruz, Big Black

The final installment of the documentary depicting the famed 3 day African music festival held in Zaire in 1974.The concert was designed to coincide with the Muhammad Ali/George Foreman heavyweight title fight of that same year and brought incredible artists together for a thrilling event. 35 Min.

Posted 02/03/2010 10:09 PM

"Soul Power''- Part One- Featuring James Brown, Muhammad Ali, B.B. King, Celia Cruz, Bill Withers, The Crusaders, Miriam Makeba and The Spinners

Muhammad Ali and George Foreman were preparing to do battle in Kinshasa, Zaire in 1974. In conjunction with this event, Don King staged a music festival the likes of which the African world had never seen. It was the Black Woodstock and is documented here for the first time. 58 Minutes..

Posted 01/27/2010 08:04 AM