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The Original Read-In For Peace In Vietnam- The Motivating 1967 Event Recorded At Town Hall In NYC- Featuring Susan Sontag, Arthur Miller, Tony Randall, Lillian Hellman, Maureen Stapleton, Norman Mailer, Jules Feiffer, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee and Many Others

The complete 1967 Smithsonian Folkways Album featuring contributions from the American Treasure Chest of admirable writers and performers. A One Hour call to conscience during a period of ruthless division and chaos in a Nation troubled by a devastating war.

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Norman Mailer - "Deaths For The Ladies" - The Complete 1963 Prestige Label, High Fidelity LP - "Norman Mailer Reads Norman Mailer - Deaths For The Ladies,New Poems, The Time of Her Time"

A writer for all seasons exhibits his poetic license on this rare slice of vinyl from ‘63, commanding an innate sense of lyrical purpose. This literate Master utilizes his bedeviled intrinsic rhythms to search for a new iambic domain. This authors bravery stands alone, naked, and now all too dead.

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Norman Mailer- “Wild 90” –1968 - His Initial Expedition Into the Realm of Experimental Film – Mickey Knox, Buzz Farber and Jose Torres Are Featured Players In This Improv Free For All of Gangsters Secluded In an Apartment - Criterion Films

Mailer was constantly attempting to prove that tough guys could dance, fight, write and act out. He donated 3 movie links in the Norman / Cinema chain of cosmic events; “Wild 90”, “Beyond The Law” and “Maidstone”. Mailer fans find them a fascinating keyhole look into his truest / falsest heart.

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