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"A DIG THIS SPECIAL ATTRACTION" - "All Going Down Together" - Songs For Our Times (And Some Just Timeless) - A Soul, Folk, Blues and Rock Fest With James Brown, Irma Thomas, Van Morrison, Bobby Stevens, Phil Ochs, Death Cab For Cutie, P.F Sloan & More

1) All Going Down Together – Bobby Stevens 2) Down We Go- Kaleo 3) Mr. Nasty – The Remars 4) They Watered My Whiskey Down – Phil Burdett 5) Oh Baby Don’t You Weep – Part One – James Brown – CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL TRACK LIST

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"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- "Phil Ochs"- Memorial Day Special! Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Engage The Eternal Flame Of Poetic Activism As Once Practiced By One of America's Greatest Soldiers of Songwriting, Phil Ochs

Posted 05/28/2018 11:21 AM

Phil Ochs- 'Barricades of Cattle' and 'Sea of Heartbreak' - From One Of Phils Final, Live Concerts - A Rare Reel To Reel Tape Recording, July 1975, Gerdes Folk City, New York City

Phil projected soft majesty in his prime. Then as with all fighters whether they be prize or freedom pugilists, there comes a time when the heart may sigh ‘No Mas’. Some drift into the night like quiet starlight, others roar on like tamed lions. Phil is gone and the ‘Changes’ are now up to us.

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Newport Broadside- Topical Songs At The Newport Folk Festival, 1963- Jim Garland, Ed McCurdy, Phil Ochs, Peter LaFarge, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan- The Original Vanguard Vinyl Release- Side Two

The Topical Song took on a whole new meaning once Dylan got through with it. He elevated the game to a new zone of abstract splendor. And then along came Ochs who combined the skill of a journalist with the tongue of a poet, LaFarge who invoked Native American heart and Baez who seduced the day.

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Phil Ochs-'Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon'- Filmed Live At The John Sinclair Rally- Dec. 10, 1971

Phil David Ochs. Poet, Patriot, Father, Husband, Brother, Believer. If you know of his life and work there is little I can add to such eloquence and the inherent tragedy of his early departure. What I can say is thanks to a voice always amazingly relevant within our artistic and political tapestry.

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John Lennon and Phil Ochs- History Recorded In A Room At The Chelsea Hotel in NYC, 1971!

John Lennon possessed a limitless curiousity and enthusiasm regarding life, song and political matters. Therfore, it was of little surprise to those who knew him when Lennon proposed a meet with the immortal Phil Ochs. Here is a short, endearing portion of that historical encounter.

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Phil Ochs- "There But For Fortune"- The Story of One of The Most Extraordinary Songwriters and Patriots In The History of The American Dream - Feature Length Documentary

The days grow longer for smaller prizes, I feel a stranger to all surprises, You can have them, I don’t want them, I wear a different kind of garment, In my rehearsals for retirement.- Phil Ochs

Posted 03/17/2010 11:52 PM