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"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians"- Garage Band Fever" - Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Enter the Garage Zone With an Exploration of Amplified Dreams and 60's Primitive Rock Yearnings - Youthful Zeal On Parade!

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The Doughboys - "Everybody Knows My Name" - One of the 1st Great New Jersey Bands, These Cats Called Themselves The Ascots Prior to This Bell Records 1967 Release - From the Tunesmith Artistry of 2 Men for 4 Seasons, Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe

In 1967 there was a television wavelength known as UHF. You had to struggle to obtain a decent signal, but when you did magic could happen. Zacherle, The Cool Ghoul, had a teen dance show out of NJ that was carried by this signal. It was within this TV twilight that I first met The Doughboys.

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