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Mink Deville- Live at The Bottom Line, NYC, Jul 2, 1977- The Frightful Passion of Willy Deville as Demonstrated During the Year of the Mink - An Early Year of Devilleness, Living and Daring Dangerously Upon the Edge of Rock and Rhythm and Blues - 40 Min

1 Gunslinger / 2 She’s So Tough / 3 Cadillac Walk / 4 Little Girl / 5 Venus Of Avenue D / 6 Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl / 7 I’m In The Mood For Love / 8 Stand By Me /

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Willy Deville - Live At Tramps, NYC, October 2, 1996 - We Begin The New Year With 90 Minutes of Rock N' Soul Certainty as Conveyed Through a Master of Rhythmic Reverence - He Sweltered, Glowed and Agonized - Willy Deville - Aug. 25, 1950 – Aug. 6, 2009

Willy personified the lonely hunter in a music business adrift on a sea of corporate rooms. His body of work is a Hall of Fame archive of diversity adhering to the prospect of a sublime intervention through musical expression. From the streets of NY to Berlin he walked the walk of a soul salesman.

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Willy Deville- Mink Deville Live At Montreux, 1982

The passing of Willy Deville at the age of 58 signals the demise of a musical articulation we are not likely to experience again. He was the last great voice from a school which gave us artists of total originality. Willy employed sheer intuition, heart and nerve to make his soul driven statements.

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