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"Dig This"- Episode Eight - Bert Berns- Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of R&B Legend Bertrand Russell Berns! -

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Wilson Pickett - Wilson Pickett Revue!!! - Live, Tramps, NYC, Oct. 29, 1994 - The Wicked One Rides His Soul Train Into a NY Midnight Hour - His Ringo Interlude Into a Down Home "Hey Jude" Is the Stuff of Legend Direct From a Hardcore, Soulful Intellect

Pickett testified with a fierce raven passion during an extraordinary career that witnessed flaming cuts with The Falcons as well as a menu of Atlantic sides that are unequaled in heart and boldness. He stretched his exclamations to the edge to find feelings that cannot possibly be voiced.

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James Brown and Wilson Pickett- "Cold Sweat and Midnight Hour"- Performed Live For The 1987 Cinemax Special "James Brown and Friends

Soul is soul. There is no disputing, defying nor diluting it’s passion. Here are two of the Indisputable Champions of Soul Power.

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