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Dusty Springfield -"I Don't Want To Go On Without You" - Blue Eyed Soul Sister Number One Connects All of the Emotional Dots During This Dazzling Live Performance of a Bert Berns -Jerry Wexler Musical Monument -From the TV Broadcast "Dusty"- Sept 8, 1966

As Janis Joplin was receiving Flower Power props around ‘67, Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O┬┤Brien was stirring the real feminine pot of blues and soul stew. From the moment I heard her 1966 perfect plea “Stay Awhile”, I was hooked. 47 years later, her work stands the test of truth.

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Ready, Steady, Go- The 1965 British Rock Program Featuring, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, The Who, Cilla Black, The Dave Clark Five, Van Morrison and Them, Georgie Fame and Others!

In the United States, American Bandstand was the premier Rock and Roll television program. In the United Kingdom, the best of the best performed on the famed Ready, Steady, Go! Here are one hour of live performances that capture that extraordinary period of Pop with energy, flavor and flair. 1 Hour

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Dusty Springfield -'Full Circle'- The Finest Dusty Documentary!

One of the most captivating female vocalists to ever engage a microphone, Dusty began her career attempting to find her place within the musical community.. Upon hearing The Exciters recording ‘Tell Him’’ in 1963, she recognized that her heart was captured by soulful melody and lyric.

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Dusty Springfield And Cilla Black Perform On 'Ready,Steady,Go'!

There was more trouble.in Dusty Springfield’s eyes than Amy Winehouse could ever ponder. Her haunting persona was partially concealed by an elegant style and smile which was infectious. She had numerous top 10 efforts over the course of 5 years and went on to become a legend of feminine Pop lore.

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