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Elvis Presley - "Elvis' Greatest Shit" - It's a Kings Ransom In Bad Pop Music as Good Taste Leaves the Building and 22 Tormenting Tracks Take Anti- Rock Residence- Fun For The Whole Family On This Unofficial Album Release From 1983 On the Dog Vomit Label

Side One: 1) Old MacDonald/ 2) Ito Eats/ 3) No Room To Rhumba In a Sports Car/ 4) Confidence/ 5) Yoga Is As Yoga Does/ 6) Song Of The Shrimp/ 7) U.S Male/ 8) Ft. Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce/ 9) Signs of The Zodiac/ 10) The Bullfighter Was A Lady/ 11) Wolf Call * CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE!

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Jerry Lee Lewis- Billy Lee Riley- Warren Smith- Elvis- "Good Rocking Tonight"- A RichieBoy Record Party!-The Original BopCat LP Released in '77 - Featuring Rare Alternate Rockabilly Takes as Well as The Infamous Jerry Lee Vs. Sam Phillips Studio Encounter

The blood of all contemporary ‘Rock’ music can be traced to the legacies of many marvels.. Lightning Hopkins was playing ‘Rock and Roll” before such a thing even existed. Presley made black culture acceptable to those thinking South. Jerry Lee invented stage madness. This LP bleeds early gold. “PLE

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