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audio 04:35 J.B. Hutto and The Houserockers - "Too Much Alcohol"  - A Flame Keeper of The Highest Degree As Captured One Bluesville Night In 1977 - J.B. Had To Take His Leave In '83 But His Blues Goes Marching On

J.B. Hutto and The Houserockers - "Too Muc...

I first felt J.B. on an LP titled “Chicago: The Blues Today” in ’66. There was something painfully joyous in his messaging I always retained. It related to how we translate this mortal coil we are bound to. He had that ‘cry’ in his voice so many strive for. It’s the vigorous wail life demands.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 06/02/2013 06:50 PM

video 10:44 A Stagecoach Romance - The Story of Harry Goulding, Hollywood and a Monumental Valley - A Spectacular Discovery That Helped Define One of The Finest Motion Picture Achievements In Film History

A Stagecoach Romance - The Story of Harry ...

The 1939 movie Stagecoach created three icons: John Wayne, John Ford, and the 30,000 acres of glory on the Utah-Arizona border known as Monument Valley. It was a pioneering rancher, Harry Goulding, who brought Hollywood to his home, and helped shape America’s vision of the West. –Buzz Bissinger

Posted by Rich Buckland, 06/02/2013 04:48 PM

audio 02:39 Fantastic Johnny C -  "Boogaloo Down Broadway" - The Sacred Sound of Soulful Simplicity As It Vibrates Through The Dance Galaxy - 1968 - A Recording Paved In Cool, Lost Philly and N.Y.C Street Sensations - Composed By Cliff 'The Horse' Nobles

Fantastic Johnny C - "Boogaloo Down Broad...

The Land of a Thousand Dances has become the land of 1000 TV talent shows. One can try and find the next ‘Idol’, ‘Voice’ or ‘Dancing Star’ but the quest is a contrived expedition into consumer madness & the artists are mostly baby formula. Musical nobility is often just a snare drum on vinyl moment.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 06/02/2013 02:12 PM

video 05:03 George Jones -  "Bartender Blues" - One of The Most Remarkable Voices To Ever Address A  Musical Emotion - The James Taylor Composition As Sung By George, Plus Insightful Narrative and Production Legend Billy Sherrill - From The Film "The Same 'Ole Me"

George Jones - "Bartender Blues" - One of...

This segment begins to define the George Jones surge into Pop culture lore. His personal saga is reflected in every note engaged. Jones ran from the star spectrum he felt destined to suffocate his gift. In doing so he became a “Possum”, forever loved

Posted by Rich Buckland, 05/30/2013 09:54 PM

video 05:08 Johnny Carson - The 'Van Gogh' Monologue – The King of Late Night Television Delivers His Comic Opening with Some Inartistic Assistance From The Audience – Broadcast On Jan. 4, 1985

Johnny Carson - The 'Van Gogh' Monologue –...

Carson slept with America every weeknight at 11:30 PM. His command of the TV medium was so fervent that he sustained for 30 years. Time waits for no one but no one will again capture the after dark lightning in a ‘tube’ that Johnny did. He was a Nations laughter and it’s after hour Adult Sitter.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 05/27/2013 06:06 PM

audio 03:00 T-Bone Burnette - "Nothing In Return" - The Roky Erickson Persistent Pearl as Performed Delicately By T-Bone Burnette - From The 1990 Roky Tribute Album, "Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye"

T-Bone Burnette - "Nothing In Return" - Th...

Roky Erickson caught my psyche in ’65, before schizophrenia became his calling card to a new notoriety. His 13th Floor Elevators are easily an influence still being negotiated in the Rock pastures. This T-Tone version of his nostalgic ‘Nothing In Return” is a deep reminder of his hurting wisdom.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 05/27/2013 02:48 PM

video 04:41 Mike Bloomfield - A Short Profile - From The Documentary "Chicago Blues Reunion" - Barry Goldberg Tells of How He Met Mike and Mike Performs With Muddy Waters - Plus!  B.B. King and Nick Gravanities Share Bluesville Insights

Mike Bloomfield - A Short Profile - From T...

He was the guitar slinger Dylan trusted when Bobby plugged in at Newport in ’65. He was the cat Paul Butterfield thought was the best kid on the Chicago blues block. He formed one of the finest Soulful Blues combos of the 60’s, The Electric Flag. He was Michael Bloomfield and he split way too soon.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 05/26/2013 07:31 PM

audio 03:21 Annette Snell - "Footprints On My Mind" - The Intonations of a Songbird Informing Sundown That Her Plea Must Be Heard - A Dial Records Prize From 1972

Annette Snell - "Footprints On My Mind" - ...

Here is a voice lost to the tyranny time can often charter. She produced a cry to be reckoned with, a dark urge and an impassioned declaration destined to pronounce a ponderous burden. ‘How could anyone possibly feel so much and live to tell us about it?’ That was my response to this feat in ‘72.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 05/23/2013 02:49 PM