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video 55:41 Teen-Age Confidential! 1950's Motion Picture Trailers and Public Service Films Expose The Horrible Truth About Our Youth!! Prepare Yourself For "Teen-Age Devil Dolls" "High School Bigshot" "Teen-Age Crime Wave" and Much More! Viewer Beware!

Teen-Age Confidential! 1950's Motion Pictu...

From the Confidential Files comes the scathing truth about Juvenile Delinquency! Hide the children, for this is not movie fare for the weak of heart! 1 hour of public service films and movie trailers that ask the question every parent recites. “Where did we go wrong!!!” Fun for all!! Well, almost

Posted by Rich Buckland, 09/07/2010 07:54 PM

video 16:24 Muddy Waters and Sister Rosetta Tharpe- The Blues and Gospel Train- 1964

Muddy Waters and Sister Rosetta Tharpe- Th...

During the !960’s, British TV audiences expressed an interest in shows that featured U.S Blues Artists. The revelation that groups such as The Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Animals, Them and others were influenced by these pioneers, produced shows such as the one seen here from Manchester…16 minutes

Posted by Rich Buckland, 08/30/2010 08:20 PM

video 59:53 American Folk/ Blues Film Festival-1964 Featuring Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Junior Wells, Otis Rush, Koko Taylor, Big Joe Turner and Many Others!

American Folk/ Blues Film Festival-1964 Fe...

Originally filmed for German television, this compilation of performances displays an amazing array of original, influential artists illustrating their powerful depths plus a style of song the likes of which we shall never hear written again. We hope you enjoy this hour of true brilliance.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 08/26/2010 07:47 AM

video 80:19 The London Rock and Roll Show- It Was Called The British Woodstock- Live at Wembley Arena, August 5, 1972 featuring Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis

The London Rock and Roll Show- It Was Call...

Posted by Rich Buckland, 08/09/2010 03:17 AM

video 69:20 Dave Van Ronk- Live at The Bottom Line, NYC- One Of The Final Performances Of A Legend

Dave Van Ronk- Live at The Bottom Line, NY...

He was known as The Mayor of MacDougal Street, which was a reference to just one of the Greenwich Village streets he lived and played his music on.Van Ronk was a significant influence to all interested in the history of folk, jazz and all formats of popular music. Dave was simply a true original.1hr

Posted by Rich Buckland, 07/31/2010 09:30 PM

video 61:28 Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band- Live At Hyde Park, London- June 28, 2009- 1 Hour

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band- L...

It is difficult to believe that it has been 40 years since High School comrade Bill Mesnik introduced me to a singer/composer named Springsteen. In 1971 I joined 50 other fans at Franklin Pierce College in Vermont as Bruce played for 5 hours during a snowstorm. 4 decades later, his passion remains.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 07/24/2010 02:01 PM

video 50:24 The Untouchables- The Lily Dallas Story- Featuring The Great Larry Parks- 50 Minutes.

The Untouchables- The Lily Dallas Story- F...

Larry Parks was an enigmatic actor of the 1940’s whose career took a dark turn when he was blacklisted by the ugly machine piloted by Senator Joseph McCarthy. After an Academy Award nomination for “The Jolson Story” his roles diminished. This star turn on “The Untouchables” was his final TV role.

Posted by Rich Buckland, 07/16/2010 04:25 PM

video 21:49 Is "Stagecoach" The Greatest Motion Picture Ever Made?

Is "Stagecoach" The Greatest Motion Pictur...

From the moment that motion pictures became an art form that aspired to inspire, the race began to create the most emotive productions possible. “Stagecoach” articulates and combines both the visual as well as the poetic in an unprecedented fashion. This comprehensive video essay says it all. 20 Min

Posted by Rich Buckland, 07/05/2010 03:10 PM