Teen-Age Confidential! 1950's Motion Picture Trailers and Public Service Films Expose The Horrible Truth About Our Youth!! Prepare Yourself For "Teen-Age Devil Dolls" "High School Bigshot" "Teen-Age Crime Wave" and Much More! Viewer Beware!

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Remember teenage classics such as “The Violent Years”, “Teenage Crime Wave”, “High School Bigshot” and “Wild Guitar”? Of course not. They were pretty lousy! Yet within the underbelly of such cinematic nonsense exists the history of the teenage exploitation film of the ‘50’s. Drive-In theaters throughout the country screened such fare along with sci fi and Rock and Roll B pictures to attract the teen crowd of the day. The message was undeniable. The kids were NOT allright! Here are many of those scenes along with zany public service films of the day that promoted alleged answers to the terrifying questions being posed regarding the youth of the day. And what did we learn from such fare? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

By Rich Buckland 09/07/2010 07:54 PM

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