The John Garfield Story- Before Brando, Clift and James Dean, There Came The Arrival Of The First Genuine, American Movie Anti- Hero. Narrated By John's Daughter, Julie Garfield- One Hour

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He was like a beat poet signaling the rhythm of American dreams to come to passionate life. As a member of the infamous Group Theater, he learned to construct a vision that cast shadows and beacons upon characters difficult to cultivate.When his opportunity came to display his wares in the Hollywood market, the studios did not know what to do with him. Yet he took command of his circumstances and fought for equality in the cinematic world. When he threatened to quit production of “Body and Soul” if black actor Canada Lee were not retained, he was the first to incite such action. His ethics came first and when he told the Blacklist committee, “where I come from you don’t snitch” he was banned. John Garfield was a true American hero.

By Rich Buckland 09/25/2010 04:50 PM

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