Otis Redding- The Beat!!!- The 26th and Final Episode of This Superb Soul TV Program From Dallas, Tex, 1966- With Garnet Mimms, Percy Sledge, Patti Labelle, Sam and Dave & More- Hosted By Otis Redding

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Once The !!!! Beat was only a legend. Fans and collectors heard that there was a television show in the mid-1960s that captured the absolute very best of the soul and R&B singers of the day. Some said it was made in Nashville and some said that it was made in Dallas. Musicians remembered working on the show and a few people remembered seeing it, but no one seemed to know what had happened to it. Did the tapes still exist? How many shows were there? Who exactly was on it? All the episodes still exist! It really was a fabulous show! It really was in color! It really did feature the absolute best of the soul and R&B acts of the day! And whereas once just fragments of the shows made their way onto bootlegs, now the entire series is available in first-generation quality. Here is a reminder of what real soul and blues music was like from the absolute original masters.This DVD of The !!!! Beat T.V. program contains shows 22 through 26, recorded in 1966. This is a complete show featuring Willie Mitchell and his Hi Records soul brethren and another show featuring Otis Redding and the Stax/Atlantic soul brothers. Just a few months after this show, Memphis bandleader Willie Mitchell would discover Al Green, but this is a priceless souvenir of his show with the great Don Bryant, bluesman Big Lucky Carter, and a very young Teenie Hodges. On the final BEAT show we see the absolute cream of Memphis soul with Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, the Ovations, the Bar-Kays, and Percy Sledge.

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